“You probably won't find a better shader editor in the galaxy kid!”
Thomas Pasieka, co-creator of The Other Brothers

Making a basic shader
This tutorial will go through how to create a basic shader with a tinted diffuse and a normal map

Gradients (Part 1, The Basics)
Creating the three basic types of gradients

Gradients (Part 2, Manipulation, Waves & Angular Healthbar)
Manipulating gradients, creating waveforms and finally, creating an angular healthbar

Gradients (Part 3, Color Ramps & Dissolve)
Creating color ramps and using it in a dissolve shader

Vertex color blending & UV tiling
This tutorial will show how you can use vertex colors to blend textures, and how to tile them

Custom Blinn-Phong
This tutorial will shed light on how to use the custom lighting functionality,
in this case how to recreate the Blinn-Phong lighting model