Enhance Your Child’s Soccer Skills with First Kick Academy

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While you want your kid to be a star soccer player when he grows up, then nothing can be better than giving him a professional training from a young age. That is a good option to add the knowledge and basic skills of the game. Soccer skills training play a major role in developing the liking for the game, at initial level and passion and enthusiasm at a bigger level. However, if you wish to get the most efficient soccer coaching for your kid with some highly trained professional coaches, then First Kick Academy is the perfect destination for you. First Kick Academy has programs which are well-structured and designed to facilitate your kid with basic as well as competent soccer skills.

First Kick Academy is a Singapore based football training academy that provides proficient soccer training for your kids. Their curriculum is designed in such a way that your kid will not only learn the game, but will also develop interpersonal skills, like patience, determination and most importantly, playing in team, that will help him grow as a person. Moreover, before becoming a permanent coach at first kick academy, individuals have to go through an interview, on job training and internal training module. FKCD (First Kick Coaches Development) also provides efficient youth soccer coaching to train their coaches in a professional manner; after all, they will be the one, training and teaching your kids.

However, with highly qualified coaches, First Kick Academy is the leading soccer training institute passionate in teaching kids of all ages, the right skills to excel in the game of soccer. They have age specific soccer lesson plans to train your kid with the kids of his age group, to ensure your kid has a comfortable company. They have divided their curriculum in 3 different plans, which are for the age group 4-6 years old, for 7-10 years old and for 11-14 years old kids. Knowing about the passion of your kid towards football, they also organize a soccer themed birthday party for your kid.

For further information, feel free to visit their website http://www.fka.sg/.