Test chambers   (2011)

Game: The Ball (Portal 2 DLC)
Engine: Unreal engine
Assets used: Portal 2 assets by Valve, The Ball assets by Teotl Studios, some models by me
Timeframe: 6 Weeks

As part of the Potato Sack in Steam, all the 13 indie titles involved got Portal 2 themed levels.
I had the opportunity to work as a freelance level designer, environment artist and tester
on this project along with my friend Marko Permanto, as well as the rest of Teotl Studios.

Marko and I planned three test chambers together on paper, and we both ended up making
one full level each. The third level was split, where Marko created the basic layout
geometry and scripted the majority of the gameplay elements, whereas I did the rest while
Marko worked on QA testing and additional scripting on the other maps.
In addition, I modeled the pipes, handrails and the caves seen in picture 1-3 and 7

Test chamber 2 was created entirely by Marko, both gameplay and visuals.
Test chamber 5 was split. Marko did the gameplay and I created the visuals. (Pictures 5-8)
Test chamber 6 was created entirely by me, both gameplay and visuals. (Pictures 1-4)