Bloom Post Processing

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The light blue areas are color values go beyond 1, and thus the bloom post effect will render a glow, even outside the mesh itself

Bloom Post Processing can be used to make your shaders glow where they are brighter. If you're using an HDR camera, you can even use values beyond the 0 to 1 range, and make the values above 1 glow. Note that these are both Unity Pro features.


  • 1. Import the Image Effects package by going to Assets -> Import Package-> Image Effects (Pro Only)
  • 2. Select your camera and make sure HDR is enabled
  • 3. Search in your project view after the Bloom script
  • 4. Drag the bloom script onto the camera
  • 5. Set bloom threshold to 1 (This will make values above 1 bloom)
  • 6. Make sure your shaders have some overbright values to test it
  • 7. Done!