pl_repository    (2008)

Game: Team Fortress 2
Engine: Source Engine 2007
Assets used: All assets by Valve
Timeframe: About 3 months (Hard to estimate due to being busy with school at the time)

This was my first serious attempt at creating a complete TF2 map.
I decided to make a map with the payload gamemode, since it is a more dynamic objective
as opposed to the static control points seen in many other TF2 levels.
What I wanted to do in Repository that other maps often lacks, is a sense of height differences.
many platforms and sections are elevated, forcing each team to take control of the elevated
areas before pushing the objective forward in the lower areas.

The worst mistake I did was to detail the entire map to about 50% in the
very first alpha release without even playtesting it on a server once. This could have been
devastating, but fortunately the gameplay was very solid already at the start, and only
smaller modifications were made in order to polish it.

This map really opened my eyes to the proper way of making a map, and how difficult it can be
to make a map look good without causing framerate issues for the players.