Sokobox   (2009)

Language: Java

Sokobox is a little Sokoban clone that has a few more features than the original version.
I wanted to make a two-dimensional grid-based puzzle game, since it wasn't too advanced
and was possible to code with the default library provided with Java.
It turned out to be really fun, and it gave me the exact amount of challenge I needed to keep
the motivation up throughout the project.
At some point I redesigned the game and wanted to restructure the whole menu system.
I lost interest in the project at that moment, since it turned out to be more work than I thought.
Some of these screenshots are from a newer build than the one that's available through
the download link above.
       Mouse Wrapper   (2009)

Language: Visual C#

Mouse Wrapper is an application that wraps your cursor similar to how objects in the classic
video game Asteriods goes into one side of the screen and comes out from the other.

This application allows you to set a margin for each corner of the screen,
to prevent the cursor from wrapping by accident when closing a window or clicking the start menu.
Multi-monitor support is also implemented, and can be seen in the preview area in the screenshot below.

I've created this in pretty much every coding language I know
(With the exception of Texas Instruments Basic). This version is the most refined one though.
       Project Sidescroller   (2009)

Language: Java

This was the final project at the upper secondary school. I worked on this game together with an artist and another programmer. The artist created all the art assets for game outside the level editor, and the coder coded the Artificial Intelligence of the enemies, some pickups and the main menu. I coded the game engine, an entity I/O system, a physics and collision engine for projectiles, character movement, a level editor, spritesheet reader and animator, inventory system and a few other things. Overall it was a very fun but frustrating project due to lots of memory and performance issues with Java.

The version available for download here will probably not work on your computer. If it does, it will probably run at about half the intended speed.