cp_glacier    (2009)

Game: Team Fortress 2
Engine: Source Engine 2007
Assets used: Most assets by Valve, some textures by me
Timeframe: About 6 months (Hard to estimate due to being busy with school at the time)

Glacier is a winter themed map for Team Fortress 2 with a heavy emphasis on teamwork.
My goal with Glacier was to create a visual style that had not been made properly before.
The gamemode is the same as in Valve's own "Gravel-pit" map, which means the attacking
team have to capture two control points in any order before the final control point
opens up for capture. However, what I wanted to do differently was to balance the first
two control points. In Gravel-pit, control point A is generally easier to capture
than B, which makes the map more predictable. By balancing A and B in Glacier, I managed
to create a more dynamic gameplay, where they can be captured in any order.

I personally feel that Glacier was one of the most important maps I have ever worked on.
There were many things I learned about gameplay, playtesting and planning.
When I look back, there are many visual oddities I should have taken care of,
but I did reach the goal of creating a unique map with balanced control points.

Glacier was also mentioned by Valve on their TF2 blog when they released a winter themed map
right before Glacier was finished. Many supportive players mailed Valve about how they claimed
to have made the first winter themed map, after which they edited the blog post.