Artpass   (2010)

Game: Team Fortress 2
Engine: Source Engine 2009
Assets used: Most assets by Valve, some textures by me, some models by Joshua Shiflet
Timeframe: 3 Weeks

This was my entry for Valve's Art-Pass contest.
The idea of the contest was very simple, Valve provided a very basic blocked-out map with the bare
minimum amount of gameplay objects necessary to make it function properly.
The goal was to make it look as pretty as possible while still making sure it was properly optimized and
clipped in order to make it playable.

Working on this has given me lots of experience in areas I was lacking in before.
I had never worked together with a 3D artist creating custom assets before, which was very fun.
It was also the first time I had ever worked towards a close deadline. My motherboard stopped
working in the middle of the contest time, leaving me with about two weeks left to finish the map
I had barely started working on. I had to arrange a schedule and make sure I would be able to
finish the map in time. I sat hours every day working on it, some days even up to 12 hours.

Unfortunately, this map was not one of the two winners, but it did get right behind them in third place!
Here's a link to the contest results