(3D Modeling)
       Props   (2010)

Program used: Maya, Photoshop
Assets: Textures from CGTextures.com
            Pallet: 324
            Crate: 108
            Straight pipe: 200
            Curved pipe: 480
Timeframe: Four days

This is a small collection of props I created while using Maya for the first time. The purpose of these simple
models was to learn the basics of 3D modeling and how to import them into the Unreal Engine.
The models are far from perfect, but I did learn how the 3D modeling workflow functions.
       Building   (2010)

Program used: Maya, Unreal Engine, Photoshop
Assets: All Models and textures created by myself (Except the sky and the window shine)
Triangles: 43,752 (Total for both visible sides. Composed of 20 Unique meshes)
Timeframe: Two weeks

This is a building created in Maya and exported and rendered in the Unreal Engine. I decided to make something more advanced than a crate, which is why I chose to create the exterior of a building.
I chose this style of the building because I have always appreciated the more detailed facades, as opposed to other newer buildings which usually are more geometrically simple. This building also fit well, because I knew I would be able to pull off this look with my own textures.